Phone Banking

Phonebanking is open to everyone from 11am – 9pm eastern time June 24 – 28th.
You are welcome to sign-in below or sign-up for one of the faith-wide call times Thursday at 12pm eastern, Friday at 7:00pm eastern, or Sunday at 6:00pm eastern.

1. Click Here to Preview the Phone Bank Script and Practice the Question and Answer Flow 

See script as a document here | Read Texas FAQ here


2. Read the Dialer Help Guide  
(Please do read this)



3. Make sure you are on a laptop or desktop computer and using either the Chrome or Firefox browser.
*It will not work on an ipad or with the Safari browser.


4. Add your name, email and phone below when you’re ready to start making calls.

To plan a calling time with your congregation, read the GA 100k Challenge guide. (calling is more fun with friends.)

For Real-time help outside of the group call times, Join the UU the Vote Community on Slack

Progress to 100,000 Calls

If you have persisting issues trying to log-in.
1) Make sure you have any ad-blockers turned off or use your browser in “private” or “incognito” mode.
2) Try logging in directly from this link:

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